The foundation of my artistic perspective lies in my work as a painter. I received an MA and MFA from the University of California at Berkeley in 1977 and from there established my own studio and practice. As an active painter, my work was shown in numerous group and one-man shows, and collected both privately and publicly. At the same time I worked as a geologic illustrator and mapmaker for a number of Bay Area scientists.

Throughout, I was attracted to the glass-making process, and several years ago decided to act upon this interest. I have worked diligently since then and have been continuously rewarded for this change of perspective.
My focus at present revolves around the vessel form. I use my acquired vocabulary of form and color with an open mind to the nuance of the intuitive artistic moment. My work is firmly seated within a traditional Italian perspective, while striving for a personal contemporary expression. Cane, murrine, and surface manipulations through sand-blasting and grinding are employed in the creative process. It is my belief that there is still room for a unique artistic vision within the venerable tradition of the humble vessel.